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Testimonial from Ian Ruta, founder of supersparks.io

We’re the personal, world-class software development team you've been dreaming about. No big budgets required.

MVP ready in weeks, not months

We cut down traditional delays, delivering your first functional version swiftly for early user testing and feedback.

Experts of Your Domain

Our team doesn't just build your project; we immerse ourselves in your business, evolving into specialists who nurture your vision and grow alongside your SaaS.

Rapid Progress Updates

Quickly see your ideas come to life with frequent updates and detailed progress reports.

No More Hiring Stress

Forget the endless cycle of vetting freelancers, worrying about reliability, and the frustration of missed deadlines. With us, you get a dedicated, stable team committed to your project's success, saving you an average of 40+ hours usually spent in hiring dilemmas.

Reclaim Your Time

Time spent researching technologies, architectures, and managing disjointed development efforts is time not spent on growing your business. Our turnkey solutions free up hundreds of hours, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – your strategic goals.

Consistent Quality and Timeliness

Wave goodbye to the uncertainty of freelance work quality and the anxiety of wondering whether your next update will launch on time. Our rigorous quality assurance process and steadfast commitment to deadlines mean you can expect excellence in every delivery, on schedule, every time.

BrilliantSaas Testimonials

Take a look at what our clients said about us.

"I had an amazing experience working with Edilson! He made sure to ask questions and gain a deep understanding of the specs of this project. The final product that he delivered was of great quality. Also, his advice and ideas improved the overall quality of this project beyond my imagination."
Ian Ruta
"Delivered on time and inside the estimate."
Siim Tiigimägi
"Edilson was great to work with, he brings new ideas to the project and goes out of the box to implement the features in the requirements specified."
Tosin Onikute
"Edilson was super to work with, he was always available and added his own ideas and initiatives to the work to deliver a superior end product. He was also a joy to work with."
Adebayo Onigbanjo
"Delivered the requested deliverables and kept us well updated on each step."
David Boggs

Your profitable SaaS will prove choosing us was your best decision.

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One full-time expert developer. Pause anytime.



Two full-time expert developers. Pause anytime.


All plans include:

MVP launched in 4-8 weeks
Daily progress updates
Dedicated Product Success Partner
Easy credit-card payments

You will not have to worry about:

Great UI/UX Design
Optimized Landing & Sign up Page
Mobile responsive pages
API Integration
Recurring Billing Integration
In-App Account Recovery System
In-App User Onboarding Process
In-App User Guides & Tutorials
Deployment & Hosting
SaaS Analytics Integration
Automated Backups & Disaster Recovery


Why Choose BrilliantSaas Over a Full-Time Developer?

Choosing BrilliantSaas offers key advantages over freelancers, in-house developers, or other agencies. Unlike freelancers, who might lack reliability, and in-house teams, which come with high costs and obligations (like taxes, office space, and salaries, even during downtimes), BrilliantSaas provides a cost-effective, flexible solution. Our team brings a diverse skill set without the overhead and long-term commitments. Compared to other agencies, which may also be expensive, we offer tailored, scalable services that adapt to your project's changing needs, ensuring efficiency and quality.

How Does the Subscription Pause Feature Work?

You can pause your plan when you need to. If you pick a plan with 4 weeks but only use 2 weeks, you can stop your plan. When you come back, even if it's months later, you can use the 2 weeks left. No extra cost. This way, you only use what you need.

Who Are Our Developers?

Our developers are the elite in their fields, handpicked through a rigorous technical and psychological vetting process. We ensure each team member is not only a top-tier professional but also a perfect fit for our culture of continuous improvement and training.

What's the Process of Working Together?

We start off with a free consultation call to get to know each other and discuss your startup. If we’re a fit, we’ll set up a shared channel in Slack for seamless communication and finalize an agreement to outline the project scope, timelines, and deliverables. We then gather detailed information about your project, goals, and preferences via Tally forms. Next, we provide the initial database structure for your evaluation and iterate based on your feedback. At the same time, you or we will be working on the mockups. Once the database structure and mockups are ready, we start developing the frontend and backend asynchronously. We continue to gather information about the desired workflow through Slack, Tally forms, meetings, or Loom videos. By the third week, you'll be able to test the MVP, and we’ll keep improving it with your feedback, aiming to have it ready by the end of the fourth week.

What Programming Languages Do You Utilize?

We specialize in Python and JavaScript for their flexibility and efficiency. Our go-to frameworks include React and Vue for dynamic UIs, and Django for robust back-end development, enabling us to deliver high-quality, scalable solutions.

What is an MVP?

A Minimum Viable Product, is the simplest version of your app that meets the core needs of your target customers. It aims to acquire your first paying customer and validate your ideas while minimizing development time and cost. By focusing on essential features and gathering the user feedback, you can refine your app and steer its future direction. This fast iteration process allows entrepreneurs to test their ideas inexpensively, validate their business thesis, and potentially generate profit quickly. The goal is to bring your product to market fast, validate its viability, and ensure it resonates with customers.

Can I make changes to the MVP once it's developed?

Absolutely. The MVP is just the starting point. Based on user feedback and your evolving business goals, we expect and encourage iterative development. Our team is equipped to adapt and evolve your MVP, adding features and making adjustments to ensure your product continually meets user needs and market demands.

What happens after the MVP is launched?

After launching the MVP, we'll monitor its performance, gather user feedback, and analyze usage data. This information will guide us in making informed decisions about future development, prioritizing features that will add the most value to your users and help achieve your business objectives.

What if I cancel a Plan, but still require maintenance/bug fixes?

We understand that project needs can change over time. If you cancel your plan but need help later, we offer affordable maintenance packages. These packages cover bug fixes, small updates, and support to keep your MVP running well. You can pick the support level you need, knowing your product is taken care of at a good price..

What is the role of the Product Success Partner?

Imagine having a guardian angel for your product, available around the clock, every day. That's the role of our Product Success Partner. They're here to ensure your product thrives, offering guidance, support, and wisdom whenever you need it. Think of them as your dedicated ally, committed to your project's success, and always just a call or message away, no matter the hour or day. This partnership is your secret weapon to navigating the challenges of bringing your vision to life, ensuring your journey from concept to success story is as smooth and supported as possible.

What If I'm Not Satisfied with a Delivered Feature?

Your satisfaction is our priority. If you're not happy with a feature, we're committed to revising it until it meets your expectations, at no extra cost.

How Do You Ensure the Security of My Project?

We take security seriously, employing robust measures and best practices to protect your intellectual property and data throughout the development process.

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